Installation Costs
Installation is included in the cost of all our seamless pasted, traditional pasted and self adhesive vinyl wallpapers. However, if you would like to install the wallpaper yourself or you have a preferred installer, please let us know and we can provide a revised quote that does not include installation charges. Please note any wallpapers that you choose to self install will need to be collected from our print studio in Dubai Investment Park 2.

If you live outside of the Dubai Emirate, there is a travel/fuel surcharge. Customers in Sharjah will incur a AED100 surcharge and all other emirates will incur a surcharge of AED200.

Wall Preparation
Our vinyl wallpaper has strict paint surfaces that it can be applied to, so please ensure your walls have been prepared correctly. Wall preparation is the full responsibility of the customer. See our wall preparation guidelines for our materials here

Ease of Access
No installation may take place unless free unencumbered space is provided for the team to work in. Please remove any curtains, wall hangings, pictures and accessories from your wall before installation. Please ensure all furniture is moved away from your wall to allow easy access for our installers.

On installation, our team will not remove any devices or wall fixtures and will cut around these items. Should the client prefer that wallpaper not be cut away, then this would be for the clients’ own arrangement for removal of fixtures including light switches and powerpoints.

Walls should be prepared according to our guidelines here. Stories For Walls will not be held liable for any walls that have been ill-prepared or painted with incorrect wall finishes. Even on inspection of your wall, our team may not know for certain whether your paint finish has any characteristics that may affect the longevity of your wallpaper's adhesiveness. Therefore if in doubt we always recommend lighting sanding back your wall and applying a coat of primer. It is imperative that you read our wall preparation guidelines to ensure you have prepared your wall correctly.

Wall heights
If your wall is taller than 380cm for health and safety reasons, we will need to charge a AED500 scaffolding fee. This fee is applicable due to the extra time and staff required to assemble and dissemble the scaffolding plus truck transportation.

Our Installation Terms
On the day of installation, our team will thoroughly check your wall for any bumps and imperfections. If our team finds any issues with your wall, you will have two options:

1. After reviewing the issues, if you're still happy to go ahead with the installation, our team will proceed provided you email or message us on WhatsApp +61400740780, and state in writing that you are happy to continue with the installation and understand that if any issues arise from the installation due to the condition of your wall, that you accept responsibility. 

2. If you are not happy to proceed and would like more time to prepare your wall, our team will visit on another day. A second callout fee of AED150 will apply before our installation team will revisit. 

Your presence throughout the installation is required. If you think there are any aesthetic issues or any joins are not satisfactory, please advise the installers immediately while they are still at your premises. If any issues are flagged after the installers are gone, we cannot guarantee the issues can be fixed. For example, our vinyl material is not repositionable after it has been pressed and flattened to your wall. Your presence at the installation is imperative to ensure you are happy with the installation before they leave.

Our seamless pasted material has zero joins. Your wallpaper will be installed in one large sheet. To see examples of zero joins please see our joins page.

Our traditional pasted material has butt joins (where two tiles butt up against each other approximatley every 125cm. To see examples of joins please see our joins page.

Our self adhesive vinyl material has a 1cm overlap for each join every 150cm. The overlap cannot be cut away for our Self Adhesive Vinyl material. We must maintain the overlap joins with our Self Adhesive Vinyl material due to vinyl products having a 0.5-1% shrinkage on the wall over time. Please note the visibility of overlapping joins varies on different designs and background colours. To see examples of joins please see our joins page.

Pattern Matching
Almost all walls are slightly uneven and never 100% completely flat. It is not unusual for a wallpaper's design to have one or two joins that are not completely perfect. Our installers will take the utmost care to join the designs from tile to tile as perfectly as possible, but due to anomalies in wall levels, some slight discrepancies can be expected. If your wallpaper has one or two matching discrepancies, this is considered normal, however, if any full length joins from top to bottom are not matching this is considered a fault in either the installation or design and must be corrected. 

We advise our customers to be present to act as a third eye overlooking the installation and ensure they are happy with all the joins.

Customer Errors or Oversights
Please note, any issues due to customer’s inaccurate wall measurements or inadequately prepared wall surfaces, are the responsibility of the customer. Our team will do our best to help rectify the issue as cost efficiently as possible, but if any reprints or new wall preparations are required, this will be at the expense of the customer.



Installation Costs
Installation is not included in the cost of our peel & stick removable wallpaper. This wallpaper is DIY installation only and is shipped from Australia free of charge within approximately 3 weeks from purchase. Your wallpaper may incur UAE customs duty and VAT charges upon arrival into the UAE which you will be required to pay.

To DIY install your removable wallpaper please use our step by step guide here.

Wall Preparation
Our removable wallpaper has strict paint surfaces that it can be applied to, so please ensure your walls have been prepared correctly. Wall preparation is the full responsibility of the customer. Please see our wall preparation guidelines for our materials here

Our Installation Terms
We do not accept any liability for errors made during your DIY installation using our peel & stick removable wallpaper, (or any other material). This includes, incorrect customer measurements, incorrect cutting, persistent air bubbles or your wallpaper not sticking to your wall correctly. If your peel & stick removable wallpaper or your self adhesive vinyl wallpaper, falls down after installation, this will be your responsibility and we would ask you to check your paint surface. You may be required to remove your wallpaper, reprepare your wall and reapply. Self adhesive materials have specific paint surface requirements that must be followed to ensure your wallpaper sticks long term. If your wallpaper falls down, this is evidence that your paint surface is repelling the adhesive and needs to be sanded back and painted again with a water based primer. 

If your wallpaper does fall down, do not despair. Place your wallpaper back onto it's backing paper and re-prepare your wall correctly. Our peel & Stick Wallpaper is incredibly versatile. You can screw it up, it can stick to itself and it can be reapplied again and again provided you keep the adhesive side clean. Once you have re-prepared your wall using a paint that does not have stain resistant qualities, (a simple water based primer will do just fine), it will stick to your wall correctly.

Our removable wallpaper has a 1cm overlapping join approximately every 135cm. If you would prefer to not have overlapping joins, you can cut away the excess joins using a sharp knife and straight edge. Make sure the product is well bonded at the join. To see examples of joins please see our joins page.